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Who We Are

Alvogen is the next generation pharmaceuticals company. Our business model ensures competitive advantage through focused in-house capabilities and a network of partners for enhanced speed and flexibility. Alvogen currently has commercial operations in 35 countries around the globe, with regional hubs in North America, Romania and Taiwan. 

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What we do

Alvogen's lines of business include: product development, contract manufacturing and research (CMO), and sales of generic medicines (Gx and Hx), biosimilars and OTC’s.
Alvogen's product  portfolio consists of a broad range of leading molecules for the treatment of conditions in the areas of oncology, cardiology, respiratory, neurology and gastroenterology in addition to a fast growing portfolio of biosimilars and OTC products.
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Purpose driven culture

Our true purpose is to make people’s lives better by producing high quality medicines that help people live longer, healthier and more active lives and making them more accessible.

Alvogen has launched a great number of products that have significantly impacted patients’ lives around the globe and our goal remains to do even more.

Here are some examples of our most recent product launches: In the U.S. this has included successful launches of generic versions of Tamiflu, as well as Exelon for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, while some of the other drugs we’ve been focusing on are Velcade for the treatment of cancer, Copaxone for MS patients and the biosimilar Inflectra launched in the CEE region.

Our purpose-driven culture is essential to our success as a company.

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Commitment to Quality

The treatment of millions of patients around the world will depend on the safe and reliable production high quality pharmaceuticals.

Significant commitment, skill and experience is vital to help ensure the quality of our manufacturing. At Alvogen, robust quality control and reliability supply of medicines to our customers are the cornerstone of our business.
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Alvogen Ukraine

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Tel: + 38 044 517 75 00

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